Gladius Network – DDoS Protection On The Blockchain

Gladius Network – DDoS Protection On The Blockchain



With the increase of DDos attacks that affect the increase in the operation of online business that has drained the cost of expenditure is not small, especially because it can make your time be wasted and worse still you can lose enthusiasts from consumers and public relations crisis. Is there a solution to that? the answer is there! Gladius is the right solution to deal with the above problems, with a decentralized system then you will be protected from DDos attacks. You will get a guarantee of protection around you by the way you are connected to the pool of protection so that the impact on the speed of the content you have. Gladius has an interfont tool that you can apply and not difficult to use and an insightful tool that can be said to be superior. This advantage is what Gladius offers for you that will protect your web data and speed up the speed of your website performance.

Our product

We provide services in the form of comfort and traditional protection services that are easy to use, all that you can get with an affordable price and you can choose according to your wishes. Gladius has an interfont tool that you can apply and not difficult to use and an insightful tool that can be said to be superior. This advantage is what Gladius offers for you that will protect your web data and speed up the speed of your website performance. With the many lucrative services and transparency systems we provide you will never feel aggrieved when you first use the Gladius platform where other platforms may offer only a few advantages, but we offer many services that benefit you! plus the ease of access that can make you become more comfortable in using Gladius to access the online market. We also offer interesting things in terms of using Gladius Token which of course this is one of our flagship services that may not be offered by other similar platforms.

Grow in size

we prioritize the scale of protection to you by changing to a new protection pool. We can make this access easily. User data protection is very important that determines the quality of the platform and is the most frequent problem and most other platforms experience it. While Gladius itself has a protection service that will make users or consumers feel safe and comfortable in using the services of the system Gladius.

Check The Transaction

You will get an interesting offer if any transaction is made, because we will notify you if the transaction is being done using the public record sent to you so you are just waiting for information from us without the hassle of searching for information. Of course this is a convenient facility for you. Smoothness in the transaction is also a vital thing because this is where the consumer or you can get income and exchange transactions. Other platforms mostly disappoint consumers because transactions are making little profit, especially unequal profit sharing or unfair so that you or the consumer will feel disadvantaged. Gladius has a transparency system where public records will be presented to you and all will be posted on the note

Manage token Gladius

You can manage your own token by purchasing tokens or receiving tokens, please check your balance and manage tokens from Gladius. Token is required to buy something in the online market and the token is used for sale and purchase transactions. Prices can be adjusted by looking at the token price increase index from Gladius. Other platforms may not allow you to manage your own token, while Gladius provides you with the width to manage your own token without the need to intervene from others. Gladius token price is determined from the amount of traffic on the market.

Visualization Of Demand

You can simplify with this visualization service, that you can see the location of traffic, the amount and speed in real time. With this real time service it will not make you out of date or not up to date! this visualization will allow you to see the location of traffic in the market to see the price while the speed in access will make you slow in finding information about the traffic. You are more like visualization than just textual information that can make you confused or not even understand it. This is one of the benefits of Gladius system. Does this service exist on other platforms? you can define your own answer

Accelerate Content

You can modify the speed for access to your site so you can save time seconds by storing static content close to everybody. Of course you will never want to wait for something old and a waste of time is not it? speed in access is very important and also determine the quality of the platform, where most other platforms in terms of content speed is very bad. Gladius can we say superior in the speed of content when compared with other platforms.

Create Pool

Can you specify a price, or manage a node, and what does it get after that? the result is you will get the money! an advantage and excellence system is very interesting. Determining a price is a very profitable thing for you where you can earn and reap the benefits of determining a price. Prices in the online marketplace can change at any time, and you can vary the price to consumers. Certainly with a rational price for consumers. In creating POOL or in managing your nodes will still be protected from our system so you no longer need to be afraid of rogue users.

Bandwidth Rental

Due to the many problems in connecting an internet connection and this problem is a problem that causes you can not use internet connection at all times, then you can still make money by hiring bandwidth so you keep money, use Gladius mode! Bandwidth itself can indeed be utilized when you experience constraints in access to the internet. If access to the internet itself has been hampered then from where you can get income? this is what our team of Gladius have been thinking about in the future, where the quality and convenience of the users is very important for our system. We have provided services to rent bandwidth for use in platforms. Bandwidth will speed up access speed for your site.

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