INS ECOSYSTEM – Connecting Consumers and Grocery

INS ECOSYSTEM – Connecting Consumers and Grocery

This year, 90% of the wholesale markets in various parts of the world are controlled by a large number of retailers or are familiarly called retailers who are (almost all) unwise in their market advantage leading to increased influence on producers and customers. This mistake affects the possibility that the wholesale market will be charged at 24% of the producer’s costs which can be interpreted as the cost of trading marketing. We can also call it a commission earned by wholesalers and retailers from producers, rather than to consumers who function as the last line of trade.

INS will make a breakthrough in the existing wholesale retail industry and become the latest pioneer in increasing the use of massive INS tokens. INS as a forward-looking barometer on an online-based platform because INS is comprised of systems that have many features and other exciting services that will provide benefits that you may not get on other similar platforms.

INS has a decentralized system that provides facilities such as services in order and manufacturers can directly interconnect in it, provide information to the public about the benefits of products they plan to sell to consumers, as well as the rapid response from consumers so that consumers have the opportunity to buy the product, in addition consumers also have the opportunity to memvoting new products and producers.

The acquired INS Token will be used as a tool in conducting transactions in advertising marketing, getting bonuses, up to large discounts that have a variety of options and can work with customers when buying and selling within the INS ecosystem. Token INS is a medium of exchange that will provide many advantages as well as various bonuses for those of you who intend to generate income from online trading.

The INS platform with attractive designs in the ecosystem is its interface: website and consumer applications, picker and courier apps, to the required supplier web interface. Design Ecosystems in the platform is very important in the services that exist in the platform. Poor ecosystem design will make the service within the platform worse and less desirable. One of the most widely used by other platforms is the unorganized design of the ecosystem that makes most producers and traders not maximized in transactions or buying and selling processes within the platform.


  1. connect wholesale manufacturers and consumers directly. The existence of interaction in the form of direct connection between producers and consumers will occur a good buying and selling process. This will impact on the increase of consumers who will use INS platform. These advantages will differentiate the INS with other platforms, the interaction between consumers and producers discussing the products offered by these manufacturers will further guarantee the quality of products offered. When consumers and producers have found agreement in the process then the sale and purchase transaction will take place, this happens instantly so we do not need to waste a lot of time to get the product we like.
  2. provide a solution for the dominance of retailers or retailers. Most retailers always earn less incomes on other platforms other than the INS. Therefore, INS that has many services that benefit retailers or retailers will provide benefits and commissions for retailers or retailers. In traditional markets, retailers or retailers always feel less satisfied in running a business like this. This is where INS comes to solve the problems that have been experienced by retailers or retailers.
  3. transaction using token from INS. The INS Token is a token used during marketing advertising, to get bonuses, discounts of various types and can be consumer-oriented within the INS ecosystem. The INS token will be used as an exchange tool in advertising marketing, to get bonuses, to discounts that have many options and can interact with consumers when conducting transactions in the INS ecosystem.
  4. Provides smart contract options that will assist in the operation. This is like a project that will automatically manage your finances when going to trade or trading transactions on the platform. This system will certainly facilitate you when using INS platform, the reason? because this smart contract can automatically determine what type of payment system for the future. Almost all platforms do not have this smart contract system, so one thing we can pull from here is that INS is a pioneer platform that has support features that make improvements to your economy.


The work mechanism of INS is highly organized so that it can achieve our goals when ready to use this platform, as well as many more services provided by INS



  1. premium quality food at a cheaper price. The cheap price is very much liked by many people. Of course, with a cheap price then automatically spending that we will spend will also be a little. Moreover, if the cheap price of the product (food) is supported by premium quality. So in general, we would really need something like this.
  2. easy in purchasing groseris online. Online system in today’s is very popular and most loved by various circles, both young and old, all of them mostly hold the smartphone and conduct transactions through online. INS sees this opportunity, and uses the online groseris purchase service to make it easier for everyone to access this purchase.
  3. wide access to various suppliers. The number of suppliers in the INS will allow you to choose from a variety of products offered by the manufacturer for purchase. INS provides seamless access for consumers who want to explore online shopping. All that can be done in front of your computer or smartphone.


  1. can control price and product list. Manufacturers are given the opportunity to set the price amount and this is a profitable thing because everything is in your settings. Price is the main thing for consumers in finding products. Manufacturers can set a rational price and certainly easy to reach by consumers.
  2. consumers are offered direct products that are marketed. Such relationships or interactions create a buying and selling system between producers who publish products and consumers who are in need of the product they are looking for. Consumers will be psychologically more interested in products that have a clear producer identity and can directly ask about the product, so consumers will not feel harmed after making a purchase of the product.
  3. manufacturers can get feedback that does not require a long time and also detailed information. Feedback is needed by the producers to know the willingness of the consumer if he is interested to buy products that have been offered by the manufacturer. INS uses fast-paced feedback systems, so transactions will take place quickly and you will not have to wait long.

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