STK Global Payments – A New Cryptocurrency for Instant Payments

STK Global Payments – A New Cryptocurrency for Instant Payments

STK Global Payments allows you to use partner technology to find solutions and answers in cryptocurrency transactions that allow you to use real-time services in case of STK token publications. Now, transactions in cryptocurrency are a very complicated issue and this requires the right answer to provide the most joyful features and services for the users. STK will provide the right answer to answer the problem by providing various features and facilities, or other services that are very important in conducting transactions online.

(STK) is a platform that works as a tool to manage your personal finances and this is the latest type of platform of the same type, and is a breakthrough in using your money. The platform is easy to access, STK is a new line of traditional banking that allows you when saving money safely, all these can be reached within smartphones

    The STK Token is created to facilitate direct cryptocurrency payments in the sale and purchase of sales. Token STK functioned on the blockchain etherium token ERC20. Token STK will play a role when you make instant crypto-kardiakal payments at the time of the sale transaction. for example you are looking for a drink to drink in your morning or food.
  • TEAM
    in terms of global payments, STK is organized by a team of industry experts who have expertise in the field of financial services, as well as technology, even marketing that focuses on consumer approaches. built connections From some well known leaders and development experts in the blockchain community.



First the User creates a STK account for subsequent entry into the STK mobile wallet, and will be used when creating State Channels using the STK platform. Device users and STK have local copies of stored channel status and use the on-chain operating system. after sales transactions in STK use, they get a visual prompt in the STK wallet showing transaction value, exactly if you are using a traditional tap-to-pay mobile app. Users can access crypto transactions sent to the STK platform. The STK platform further obtains verification of transaction proceeds, indemnity or storage from copies of the proposed new chain of countries. STK will facilitate local currency accounts in paying that come from purchases through network rails within the global payment system. transactions automatically occur off-chain, then there will be no delay. The State Channel is further open, and is free of charge for this, and for some buy-sell transactions between users. The user will confirm the withdrawal request and this uses an on-chain operation. This has an impact in partial withdrawals, so user data will remain secure.

Note: In closing on the State Channel, there will be one party requiring verification to publish the request to the State Channel. And this all begins when one of the parties is given a chance to use their last transaction, and this will determine their circumstances.

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