BankEx – Protokol Proof-of-Asset

BankEx – Protokol Proof-of-Asset

BankEx can be called one of the platform platforms that use a multifunctional intelligent intellectual function that allows you to develop Proof-of-Asset. Smart contrac is an integrated system developed by many platforms to support existing services on the platform. But unlike other platforms, BankEx has a more advanced intelligent contrac service, and it was designed to compete with other platforms that also use similar functions to make BankEx a step ahead of other platforms.


we strive to develop liquidity in valuable assets and, of course, we can say that they are of low cost because of the traditional way of using in classical financial markets, and this is the method that is still used in its operations, whereas this method is considered as highly developed and obsolete era. This makes us like Team BankEx, uses different services and functions and no longer uses the classic way of servicing users on the global market.


Problems: related problems – how to unblock the value of a value; assets that are unique and different (not similar)?

Solution: The solution offered by BankEx is a service of the evidence of assets protocol, which will allow the bank of financial services, together with blockchain, to update the capital market

BankEx will create an asset token that has obligations for illiquid banking services, develops in its quality and adds analyzes based on AI and will build relationships with those who may be similar to a large balance sheet. Thus, it will increase the level of use of assets that comes from the bank, and will change access to the capital market in order to completely overcome illiquid financial products


  • – we are one of the platforms that will be nominated for the top 50 fintech starters in the world, this is a very proud thing for us and a great achievement that will support us as one of the platforms that can be taken into account when competing with other similar platforms.
  • – We received a grant in the amount of 120 thousand US dollars and 90 thousand US dollars from Microsoft Azure and Skolkovo, and it was honored; Of course, this will help us develop this platform and in the future will attract many customers. Thus, users from BankEx will be more and more.
  • – We work with the Microsoft group on the largest Russian stock exchange, and we also work with 10 banks. This cooperation will become a promising factor for BankEx thanks to the many agencies that cooperate with this platform. These 10 banks are well-known banks and make a great contribution to the promotion of our platform.
  • “We are building partnerships with some of the leading traditional asset services and are very open to their services in terms of storage, as well as for performing cryptoactive assets calculations, for example, we know how Hyperledgers and Consensys, especially the Silver members of the Symphony Institute. all you can see on our website:


During the preICO, we earned an amount of up to $ 1.5 million. The ICO is scheduled for the third quarter of 2017. This fund will be used in the development of our platform in the future. Since the establishment of BankEx in January 2016, 5 business products have been created, of which out of five business products, 2 enterprises were created, which were financed in such a way that the total revenue was 1.1 million. USA


The attractiveness of this platform is the presence of 10 assistants and clients from the Russian Bank. And these 10 banks are well-known banks and contribute, and also contribute to better servicing of our platform. In addition, Bursa has 1 share, which, of course, will improve the financial quality of this platform. And in its execution only a reliable incubator fintech is on its ecosystem, including global access.


The mode used on this platform is “Rocket Internet”. This service will allow access to this platform very quickly, so this will be an advantage, and this distinguishes BankEx from other platforms, where other platforms in terms of access to services are sometimes still slow. Today, clients need access speed very fast. We also created a factory for beginners finteh. The launch factory Fintech can also be called a builder for fi nite companies, as they are the leading institution in the field of finance. Of course, you know that fintech is known and known and has experience working with financial problems, especially in the field of online business and banking on the Internet.

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