Crowdwiz -The first decentralized, self-governed investment ecosystem

Crowdwiz -The first decentralized, self-governed investment ecosystem

We have a vision to improve our financial services to make it more safe and convenient for all users.

The combination of a new generation of blockchain technology and policies of the Crowd system, which will be used, and also, possibly, will change the financial industry. Investors will benefit from the use of financial services using the latest channels and open systems. And the service will manage the overall investment for the user. This happens without an intermediary, but it does not require any burden of fees and other charges (corruption) that come from ordinary financial institutions.


  • Oligopoly and a very centralized financial institution.

Banks, insurance companies, lenders and all other financial institutions have oligopolistic and highly centralized properties to the detriment of online business users.

  • Unethical behavior

Financial institutions are not yet transparent, and not in line with the ethics of other users who are cheating.

  • Additional fees

The oligopoly system that they use charges fees and taxes that allow us to pay taxes when using their services. Moreover, the lack of other services provided in this case can be used for free.

  • The bureaucracy is structured in such a way as to cause little fraud

Bureaucracy, which has a complex system and a small fraud of hidden contracts. The existence of these restrictions is a significant problem for users.


  1. Decentralization and democratization

The existence of blockchain technology led to the decentralization of the system and the democratization of all financial institutions. This system will allow self-management of a democratic investment platform.

  1. Transparency and fair play

Thanks to the cooperation of blockchain technology and the policies of Crowd Systems, our team plans to promote financial services that can be fair and have sufficient transparency to make this platform a barometer for other platforms.

  1. Absence of intermediaries and lack of collection

This system does not use middlemen, so you do not need any adverse costs, and you will add to your expenses.

  1. Clever agreement This service uses smart contrac.

What are the advantages? this service will make no deception, which occurred with both small and large cheats.

  1. More cheats

This platform is a safe container when you invest. This is because the Crowd can protect you from the evidence of fraud


  • Wizfund platform

When you decide to invest, all this will dip the roses through smart contracts in the blockbuster Etherium. Therefore, we can conclude that Crowd is the system that is best used.

  • wizStore

those who are in the world of programmers can contribute to the development of tools and add-ins that can expand the ecosystem. The price will be determined by the publisher for applications from third parties

  • wizInfestment

this service is an intelligent and secure investment system for you because this service is WizFund and WizExchange and will be integrated with WizLending with WizInsurance, Wizproperty and many others in the future.

  • wizExchange

This service is an exchange service where everything is managed by the Crowd system. Voting is carried out by the owner of the registered token. Another option that is also proposed is that you can delete your assets if there are any signs of fraud

  • wizVote

this service avoids fraudulent voting. Participants are allowed to choose the assets that they will invest in WizFund, and which ones they will add or remove.

  • wizTrader

This is a service on this platform, which serves as a solution to the liquidity problem through integration with large exchangers. This service works automatically and optimizes the market price in order to achieve the lowest price with high speed


CrowdWiz comes with Token Wiz, where this token can allow you to get the voting rights of all products received as a result of CrowWiz investments. There is also a service that allows you to receive significant gifts from actions between communities. It is applied, rewarding those who play an important role in voting, and those who give ideas for opening new investment opportunities. CrowFund products that have been launched, as well as newly launched investments, will have an impact on the development of the value of the Wiz token.

Investing Crowd of wisdom is a choice in your hands, determine your future!

  • Intermediate parts

This service allows you to subtract from any intermediary. This structured service will give investors the opportunity to directly communicate with other investors and allow access to funds, options and prices that you can block, and if there is intervention by intermediaries in the exchange.

  • Use the crowd system policy

Investors are the biggest force for this platform, so we give them permission to monitor and use their potential. Banking institutions, deprived of opportunities and finances that have achieved stability, have shown great demand for these changes.

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